REGULAR MANICURE                                                                                              $19
 A quick maintenance manicure: Hand soaked, cuticles trimmed, nails shaped, enjoy 4 min hands massage and
polish or buff

SPA MANICURE                                                                                                        $25
An upgrade from our regular manicure plus sugar scrub exfoliation combined with fresh lemon & Aloe-Vera leaf, hot towels wrap and enjoy 8 min hand masssage

PARAFFIN MANICURE                                                                                              $30
Great treatment for dry skin & rough cuticles, a unique glow exfoliation leaving them silky soft & moisturizer paraffin wax after. Enjoy 10 min hand massage 

NU-SKIN ANTI-AGING MANICURE                                                                          $40    
An Ultimate facial for your hand with AHA 10% Lactic Acid, a powerful solution that wipes away dull and aged skin in minutes. used for facial only but now also available for your hand.
Enjoy 15  min hands, neck & Shoulder massage

MOISTURIZING MANICURE                                                                                     $50
Our lovely exclusive manicure do you ever try? Infused with a special deep moisturizing SPA GLOVE treatment. Enjoy hands, neck & shoulder massage with heated pad neck wrap for 15 min

(Children under 12)

  • Manicure                                                         $12
  • Pedicure                                                         $20
  • Manicure & Pedicure Combo (free design)    $32
  • Nail Polish Change                                        $6
  • Toe Polish Change                                        $8
  • Nail Design                                                    $2/nail

Shellac gel manicure color                          $35
French                                                           $40
Paraffin                                                          $ 8